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As Heidi and Spencer decide to marry, Heidi wants Lauren to attend their wedding, and invitation she initially declines.

The fifth season's mid-season finale sees Lauren, after much debate, attend the wedding and make peace with Heidi before making her final appearance on the series.

Lauren befriends Brody Jenner after their brief relationship, while Audrina was in a rocky relationship with Justin Brescia, who Lauren's best friend Lo Bosworth jokingly titles "Justin-Bobby." Spencer's sister Stephanie Pratt becomes friends with Lauren, causing a rift in her relationship with Heidi and her brother.

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The sixth and final season sees Heidi reveal her much-publicized plastic surgery procedures to her family for the first time.

Kristin, Audrina, Lo, and Stephanie spend the Super Bowl weekend in Miami, though Kristin's wild partying leads to rumors about possible drug use.

Meanwhile, newlyweds Heidi and Spencer move into a new house.

She expresses much desire to have children, while he is opposed to the idea.

She flirts with Justin at Heidi and Spencer's honeymoon party, leading to a fight between her and Audrina.

The animosity between the girls makes up much of the plot line.

Upon the conclusion of the fourth season, rumors were widespread that Lauren wanted to leave the series.

The producers persuaded her to film ten more episodes at the beginning of the fifth season to settle her relationships prior to her departure.

The series concluded at the end of the sixth season.

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