Who is manolo cardona dating

In 2002 he signed an exclusive contract with Telemundo and Argos Comunicación, and a year later in 2003 he starred in his first Mexican soap opera "Ladron de Corazones" which became a huge success.In "Ladron de Corazones" he worked opposite Lorena Rojas and Humberto Zurita.

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Who is manolo cardona dating

In 2005 the film had its North American premiere at the American Film Institute Festival, in Hollywood.

In 2005 he starred in the film La mujer de mi hermano opposite Bárbara Mori and Christian Meier which was released in the United States in 2006.

Correspondingly, giving most of the time to passion, Manolo later made an onscreen debut in the film named https:// HSC/?

taken-by=manolocardona Manolo and his wife welcomed their first son after few years of their marriage.

Manuel Julian Cardona Molano was born on April 25, 1977, in Cauca, Popayan.

He is a son of the political father, Javier Enrique Cardona, and Psychologist, merchant & astrologer mother, Nancy Monolo, mother.

In 2005, the film Rosario Tijeras, Cardona's big-screen debut, was released in Colombia.

The film was based on Jorge Franco's book of the same name.

Cardona worked opposite Flora Martinez (playing Rosario Tijeras) and Unax Ugalde and was directed by Emilio Maille.

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