best chinese dating site - Warning signs youre dating a loser

A loser doesn’t want to change, a loser isn’t willing to put in the hard work necessary to change.A loser never looks in the mirror when it comes time to take the blame. They can’t hold down a job – well, it’s someone else’s fault. At some point, you have to accept the cards that life has dealt you and play them as best you can.A loser has no desire to be more than they are right now.

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A winner realizes this and, even if it is tough, does the best they can with good humour.

A loser complains constantly and blames others and doesn’t try very hard at all. If you had godlike powers over their emotions, wouldn’t you just snap your fingers and make them happy?

Take some time to think about it, or even take some time to write down your thoughts.

Make sure to destroy the paper afterwards, so no one gets hurt by it..

And they certainly never change because of you and your outside influence, which they will probably call “nagging.” So if you are dating a loser and are waiting around for them to realize how wonderful you are and change themselves as a result, don’t hold your breath waiting for it to happen!

Derek Lamont, BSc, is an experienced dating coach and veteran pickup artist.

Somewhere down in the basement of your brain, in the primitive, primal brain stem, a few neurons fired because of clues from your environment.

Your brain added up two and two without you even having to think about it: You will also notice, if you pay careful attention, that when you meet a person, any person, you usually get some kind of first impression of them.

They know they’re dating a loser, but realize that it will take a lot of hard work, heartbreak, and pain to end that relationship and go out and find a better one.

And sometimes they just genuinely love the person, even though they’re a loser. They just don’t often change because of their own choice.

Some people give you an instant warm, friendly feeling. The two of you “click.”And a few people probably give you the creeps.

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