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So we're not talking about intellectual confidence in the absence of sexual confidence, but a genuine effort at deception presented towards females in their daily social environment.-- nothing remotely sexual or even suggestive) up against him while we were watching a movie, he started shaking.Expect her to slowly reveal more of her thoughts as she becomes closer to you.

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Shy guys who aren't insecure are typically the "quiet strength" type of people who prefer to lead by example and feel less inclined to prove themselves to other people.

They can be stoic in demeanor and laconic with their words.

Most people would think that is shy, when it's not always the case. I know quite a few guys who are not shy or introverted but present body language indicating low confidence / timidness in the presence of females as a defense mechanism to prevent engaging the female's interest, simply because they find them intellectually deficient or otherwise obnoxious in general.

Same guys pull 8-10/10 pussy from outside their social circle, keep it disengaged from their "real" life - no relationship shit, just satisfaction of biological urges.

From my perspective as a guy, I don't think shyness should be equated to insecurity and low self-esteem.

They both do often show up hand-in-hand a lot of times, but it's not an automatic thing.I'm not saying all shy guys are this way, but rightly or wrongly, that ordeal has turned me off of shy men completely. I hear a guy describe himself as "shy" or see him not asserting himself, and I instantly dislike him. Like any other regular human does, regardless of their sexual status. This is common sense; I'm a little confused by your question. We met through mutual friends and we had known each other around two months. After around two months we started texting and he was very talkative over text.He asked me on a double date type thing and picked me up.My boyfriend can hold a conversation if he has things to say.He's just quiet cause he only speaks when he feels it's necessary or beneficial.She agreed to see him again and long story short they've been married forever and still act like they're in puppy love. My boyfriend is fairly shy, while I'm generally outgoing (though I like my quiet nights in.) I love that he's shy. He's more of an observer, which is nice, because he picks up on subtle things.

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