Sex enema - Updating windows server 2016 to r2

Now to verify that we’ve completed the transfer of all the FSMO roles to Windows Server 2016 Active Directory, launch a command prompt and type netdom query FSMO and hit enter.Verify that all the operations masters are in the Windows Server 2016 (

If you want to setup a new Windows Server 2016 KMS host normally you can use the Volume Activation services role wizard or command line to configure the KMS host.

For those who may be considering upgrading Windows Server 2012 R2 Domain Controller to Windows Server 2016, there are a few things to consider first. It just seems like taking contaminated blood and infusing it into a potentially healthy person.

In the Change Directory Server window, select This Domain Controller or AD LDS instance. A warning will appear stating that the Active Directory Schema snap-in in not connected. Back in the console, select and right click Active Directory Schema and select Operations Master… In the Change Schema Master window, click Change to transfer the schema master role to the Windows Server 2016.

When prompt if you are sure you wish to transfer the schema master role to a different computer, click Yes.

In the Operations Masters window, in the RID tab, lets change it to SVR2016-02, click on the Change button.

Click the Yes button when asked about transferring the operations master role.

Is it possible to only format the C:\ and install the 2016 and recreate the VMs and pointing them to the vhds in the storage?

Or the right procedure would be to firts export the VMs and import later?

It does this by utilizing a new bastion forest provisioned by Microsoft Identity Manager.

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