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When changes are made to the dataset, the changes in the database are actually done by the data adapter. It is a disconnected, cached set of records that are retrieved from a database. Text = "" End Sub Private Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As Event Args) Handles Button1.When a connection is established with the database, the data adapter creates a dataset and stores data in it. Click Dim connection As Sql Connection = New sqlconnection() connection.

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Every once in awhile, you come across this exception: System.

End Edit() First of all, get rid of that call to the Refresh method of the Data Grid View. It has absolutely nothing to do with data and simply repaints the pixels of the grid on screen.

Applications communicate with a database, firstly, to retrieve the data stored there and present it in a user-friendly way, and secondly, to update the database by inserting, modifying and deleting data. An application accesses data either through a dataset or a data reader.

If you have populated a Data Table then you DO NOT use DB Direct methods.

Click Dim pfno As Double Dim name As String Dim brcd As Double Dim branch As String Dim region As String Dim designation As String Dim cat As String Dim mf As String Dim progno As Double Dim datex As String Dim called As String Dim arr As String pfno = Convert. You use one or the other because you only save the data once.

@jimq- i don't think i have left any field blank where primary key is there is there or any duplicate entry.

Why are you calling Update Query and Update on the table adapter? thanks for the reply, the Update Query is name for my own custom query which just updates all the fields with the textboxes's field provided by the user and the refresh method im using just is to show the user that fields that have been updated.

That's a concurrency violation and it's to prevent you overwriting someone else's changes. When the user makes changes to the data they see in the control(s), that is propagated via the binding to the Data Table.

When you save a modified row, the original version of the data is compared to what's in the database and if they don't match then the data in the database has changed since you retrieved it. You have the Data Table bound to a Binding Source bound to some control(s).

Obviously the data only needs to be saved once so just save it once. You DO NOT use both a DB Direct method AND a non-DB Direct method.

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