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We wanted them they needed to be thicker than the wainscoting and have a nice solid feeling. Also, by cutting all the sheets ourselves we saved a lot of money (that being said we have owned the tools required to do this work for years and 3 house remodels, so that initial expense has been long made up for)Okay, so below is the beginning of the shaker style panel on the columns…

We used scrap wood, and since it was going to be covered up it really didn’t need to be solid, why waste all the extra wood, right? Some of this may look a little backward, but we are saving wood, where ever we can, and did what seemed to work for us, and it looks great in the end, so while we may do things differently in another house, at another time, oh well right now! I forgot to mention, while I am bad at dealing with building the details, I am very much involved in the details.

)After, months (to a year actaully) of being unable to really decide how to finish the columns, I took an entire day drawing sketches and then construction documents of the columns. You see, because these columns are all different, ALL 5 columns had to be custom designed, and planned.

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A hydraulic jack beneath the four-by-four supplies the lifting power to raise the beam.

For safety it’s important that the jack, post, and beam are aligned one directly over the other.

I started with the basic look I wanted and thought I could explain how to build it in one drawing, but I learned and the day progressed that each column would be completely different and my first drawing (below) was incorrect. I must mention that someone was laughing and my graph paper sketches, but I no longer have Autocad, and can’t afford the $3,000 ticket price, BUT if Autodesk is listening, I’d love a free licensed copy of your program!! In the meantime graph paper works for me people, especially when keeping dimensions real and cost down!

But by drawing this out, Justin had the place to start and I could sit back enjoy seeing him work (just kidding, I had to babysit the munchkin! Also, in order to make all this work, one of the next steps would be the window and doors in the room, cuz they would have to be “updated” so that the thickness of wainscoting would look weird when they butted up to each other , also remember I am a stickler for symmetry so here are their plan drawings. Alright, so we have seen enough of my sketches, how did this all go down?

Exterior wood porch columns can deteriorate and rot over time due to exposure the elements.

Replacing a damaged porch column isn’t that hard, but proper safety precautions need to be taken to avoid injury or damage to the porch.so, some things that seem strange while building add up to a clean look in the end! We chose to buy 1×3’s pre-cut and primed, and it saved a ton of time getting the molding up.You can see in the image below a few of our funny little secrets and tricks.(this is hard to explain, I am sure I didn’t make any sense there…)The next layer goes up on top of the spacers.but unfortunately we had to deal with some of these switches…It started right before Thanksgiving, and hasn’t quite ended just yet.

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