Updating a column in sql

In an external database, the administrator may also want to create specific tables, views, queries, and so on to limit the results to just what is needed and to help improve performance.

Configure Share Point services and accounts An administrator must activate Business Data Connectivity Services and Secure Store Service.

The external data column makes it easy to enter or update the correct information and automatically retrieves the customer information from the external data source.

Customer contracts and contact information You have a document library that contains customer contracts.

However, all your customer information is maintained in a Line-of-Business application (such as SAP or Microsoft CRM) which has a data source that is external to Share Point products.

Basic product data with pictures You have created a picture library that contains photos of the products your organization sells.

You add an external data column to the library that accesses the product name, product code, and current price from an external database.

For performance reasons, the data in an external data column is cached on a server or service and may not display the most recent values from the external data system.

To ensure that the external data displayed is current, you can refresh the external data column.Configure Secure Store Services An administrator must do the following: determine the best access mode for the external data source, create a target application, and set the credentials for the target application.Configure Business Data Connectivity Services An administrator must ensure that the user who creates the external content type has permission to the Business Data Connectivity metadata store and that appropriate users have access to the external content type that the external list is based on.You can add a special type of column to a native list or library called an external data column.This column lets you combine a column of data from an external data source with other columns in a native list or library.However, you ensure that when the external content type is created, that the external data is read-only.

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