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) started or was ended, we do recall it being in effect during WWII.

Where could we find more information about this program?

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The Victory Corps is the New York State youth organization incorporation in the National Victory Farm volunteers of the U. Employment Service cooperate in recruitment, and will place the boys on the farms." Source: the New York State archives They Also Served: New Yorkers on the Home Front A Guide to Records of the New York State War Council Introduction pg 8 "Before the bombing of Pearl Harbor, New York began mobilizing for the impending war. Lehman, a banker with international connections, anticipated the conflict and readied the Union's most populous state for the demands of war.

S, Crop Corps, and is sponsored by the State Farm Manpower Service and the State Education Department. The New York State War Council..." pg 15 - "This mobilization of labor helped to bring New York State food production during the years 1942 to 1945 to a level higher than pre-war average." "Due to the lack of federal and State funds, the Farm Manpower Service was discontinued in 1946.

I am also seeking the location of the Moscrip farm on Scotch Mountain.

William Moscrip does not appear to be buried in the Old Scotch Cemetery and I suspicion, since he died first, might be buried on the old farm.

"A campaign to recruit and introduce 4,000 metropolitan New York boys 14 to 17 years old for season work on Empire State farms, has been launched in New York City W.

Jack Weaver, state supervisor of the Farm Cadet Victory Corps announces.

He was one of the Indians indicted for the Steele fiasco so probably was on a lease.

--Doug Moscrip - posted 13 October 2017 SEEKING INFORMATION ON A COUPLE ONE ROOM SCHOOLS: My name is Rosalyn Fitch.

Before that, school buses took kids to Rockroyal near the Lewis stone barn where Trout Creek was dammed up. --Jim Fox - posted 08-2016 WHIPPLE GENERAL STORE I live in the old Whipple General Store in Arkville NY ... - Ann Laing - posted 03-2016 CANOE PLACE ALONG CHARLOTTTE CREEK I am looking for the location along the Charlotte Creek for the spot that was known as the 'Canoe Place'.

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