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Greece was forced into accepting an EU deal in a process that attracted the hashtag #thisisacoup.

Varoufakis resigned his position after Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras agreed to the terms of the EU’s debt repayment plan for Greece. We are in for a rough time if the process that has occurred over the past 30 years where the wealthy receive an increasingly larger share of the world’s wealth at the expense of everyone else continues.

I recall you doing some good posts at some of my groups in times past.

First is that there hasn't been a whole lot of interest when I did post them, and second, they're pretty severe, which isn't to everyone's taste.

That was one of my first ever GIMP scenes (I'm a youngin') and I remember the feelings it made me feel back then. Bronx_Warrior wrote: "K9mmv: I guess only finger counting mainstream movies with naked boobs hanging upside down scenes.

Mainstream movies (1) Gestapo's last orgy (2) Rise: Blood Vampire-Cameron Richardson and Lucy Lui" Thanks Bronx_Warrior!

That's what I saw in that image and the several others that JD did. Joanna 3576 wrote: @bleumune: I forgot something; your name sounds familiar, have you ever written a torture story before?

Nia, thanks for being one of the ladies who come forward and sharing your thoughts. The figure positions are just great, and so is the tension in the ropes carrying through to her body: it makes your joints sore just to look at it, and she's in too much pain to even lift her head to try and see what the torturer is preparing for her next.

I saved all my hard drive details, but, when I tried to re-install DAZ3D, it could never find all the various pieces needed to rebuild the scenes I worked on.

But I'd always be interested in seeing more of your work, especially the scenes with multiple prisoners.

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