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Just three of them ended in defeat: none of them in a competitive match, none of them on foreign soil.His win percentage in an England shirt – and this is so remarkable I double-checked it to make sure it was true – is the highest of any England player who has won 40 caps or more. We plead for them to be given time, even whilst trying to envisage the champion into which they will develop.

Similarly with England, the appointment of Southgate and the slow ebb of the golden generation marked the point at which we finally made peace with our more modest status.

We know our place in the world now, and it’s Harry Maguire in a back three.

As with many other promising attacking talents of the age, Wenger never really seemed to possess a clear vision of how he saw Walcott progressing, whether to rein him in or to let him loose.

Eventually, like a £40 T-shirt you end up wearing in bed a decade later, he cut him adrift.

After being harshly left out by Fabio Capello in South Africa, and forced out by injury four years ago, it seems likely the only glimpse we ever catch of Walcott at a World Cup will be those surreal images from Germany, in which the teenage Walcott and his girlfriend Melanie strode through Baden-Baden wearing glazed and bewildered expressions, like exchange students who had lost the rest of their group and somehow ended up in a Sport Relief sketch.

For the teenage Walcott was not so much a footballer as an idea: a lush, orchestral reverie of billowing potential, scampering feet, gilded dreams, some wonderfully vague notion of The Future.Your emotions are all over the place - you're so excited and euphoric because you're marrying this person who you love so much, but there are some nerves there too because it's such a big step." The couple got engaged on New Year's Eve 2012 at their Hertfordshire home.WEDDED BLISS: The full interview appears in this week's Hello!Twelve years on, by contrast, there was no real news to break. After all, Walcott has not played internationally since 2016, and so as Gareth Southgate this week unveiled an England squad based on youth, excitement, pace and some wonderfully vague notion of The Future, nobody – least of all, you suspect, Walcott himself – was under any illusions that he would be part of it.And so that, you probably have to imagine, will be that.Longtime Arsenal forward Theo Walcott wrote a letter to Gunners fans Wednesday, after leaving the team to join Everton.

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