Strategies for alpha male dating Wecam chatsexfree rooms

They are both putting on a performance for the same goal.

One performance gets the girl in her prime while the other gets her afterwards, when she has gained 20 pounds and becomes host to three different HPV strains.

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I noticed that the more I’m myself in a relationship with a woman (as I see myself), the happier I am with her.

On the other hand, the more I have to change my behavior in line to what I think she would find attractive, the less satisfaction I get from that relationship.

The problem is that if you can’t be honest with someone and express your true thoughts, you’re in a relationship that can’t possibly last.

If you’re applying game to your wife, and that game is not congruent with your beliefs, the marriage will end.

Instead I will have to dance and juggle for her, fuck her maybe 10 times, but more like 4 or 5, and then the relationship will get stale, neither of us able to find the will or motivation to continue because of the type of 20th century environment we were born into by no choice of our own.

Relationships that have lifelong worth, where you gain as much value as you put in, can only come when you’re the most authentic (it’s impossible to be 100% authentic, but 80% or above is a good goal).With women you’re sexual with, being open and honest is dangerous.Tell her what you think or feel and she’s out the door.While “being yourself” is not the key to getting laid, it may be the key to being satisfied in relationships.In more ancient times, relationships were much different than what we experience now.Even beta orbiters do this when they volunteer to be in the friendzone—they are applying a strategy that they truly believe will be the most effective means of starting a sexual relationship, however foolhardy that may be.

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