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Irvington Police captain Monique Smith, facing charges that she attempted to run down Newark Councilman John Sharpe James with her car, appeared with her attorney Anthony Pope before Judge Michael L. 11/9/15 (Ed Murray | NJ Advance Media for NEWARK -- A trial date has been set for an Irvington police captain accused of trying to run down a Newark city councilman with her car last year after he had ended their dating relationship via email. Ravin set the trial date on Tuesday during a pre-trial conference.

Monique Smith, 44, of Irvington, is scheduled to begin her trial on May 9 on charges of striking South Ward Councilman John Sharpe James's vehicle with her car three times during the Jan. During the hearing, the judge indicated that Smith had rejected the state's final plea offer, according to an audio recording of the proceeding.

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Smith remains suspended without pay from her police position as a result of the alleged altercation.

The incident allegedly occurred hours after Smith was promoted to captain during a ceremony at Irvington Town Hall. 5, 2015, James testified he sent Smith the email, telling her that he wanted to end their relationship, the decision states.

Isaac Smith (1740 – August 29, 1807) was a physician, and a United States Representative from New Jersey.

He was the President of the Medical Society of New Jersey.

Under that plea agreement, Smith would have had to plead guilty to a fourth-degree criminal mischief charge in exchange for a recommended sentence of probation, and she also would have had to forfeit her job, according to Ravin.

Ravin reminded Smith that if she is convicted at the trial, she is facing a maximum sentence of 10 years in state prison and she would have to serve 85 percent of the prison term before becoming eligible for parole.

Authorities say the confrontation occurred when the teen arrived to take Smith's 20-year-old daughter to stay with him for a few days.

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