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It is the only official application with times, classification and more than 130 hours of F1 coverage.9- Goal Mobile (FREE) The app is key for football fans: it has instant coverage, breaking news, exclusive interviews, transfers and live comments.

It is clear that we are not talking about Hemlock philosopher, nor the one that shone in the celebrated game of the Monty Python.

This is Socrates Brasileira Sampaio de Souza Vieira de Oliveira .

But when they arrive in a tropical country like Brazil , visitors should be wary because they could come in contact with many pathogens that could put their health at risk, especially when drinking or eating food.

On the other hand, footballers must also take care of their food but for an additional reason, their goal is to achieve maximum performance.

Although we must also emphasize that as a player he devoted himself to studying and finally obtaining his civil engineering degree.

The Frenchman, who has been directing the Arsenal in London for many years, had a career as a lean player.

However, his skills and achievements in directing teams are unquestionable.

In addition, as a player of some modest French clubs, Arsene Wenger knew to make the time and desire to graduate in economics, by the University of Strasbourg .

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