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Kiha had had four other sons, Kaunuamoa, Makaoku, Kepailiula and Hoolana, whose descendants are the Kaiakea family of Molokai, distant relatives of Abraham Fornander's daughter.i and then copied by the other classes. The relationships cannot be defined as bisexuality.

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Their genealogy is traced to Hānalaʻanui and others.

The aliʻi nui were responsible for making sure the people observed a strict kapu (a code of conduct relating to taboos).

The system had rules regarding many aspects of Hawaiian social order, fishing rights and even where women could eat.

After the death of Kamehameha I, the system was abolished, and the Hawaiian religion soon fell as the gods were abandoned.

In addition, each family is considered to have one or more guardian spirits or family gods known as ʻaumakua to protect them.

Akahi a Kuleana was of a lesser line of chiefs who Liloa had fallen in love with when he discovered her bathing in a river. He claimed his right to her as King and she accepted.The kingdom was prosperous and important for its agriculture and strategic location in the Pacific.American immigration began almost immediately after European contact, led by Protestant missionaries. Their methods of plantation farming required substantial labor.Americans within the kingdom government rewrote the constitution, severely curtailing the power of King "David" Kalākaua, and disenfranchising the rights of most Native Hawaiians and Asian citizens to vote, through excessively high property and income requirements.This gave a sizeable advantage to plantation owners.Liloa's Kāʻei is his sacred feathered sash, now kept at the Bishop Museum.

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