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This was a privilege he believes was more a favour to his mother, who’d starred in David Lean’s 1946 adaptation of Great Expectations, than because she saw any real talent in him.

“She once told me there’s no one more silly than a fisherman,” Profumo says.

“One man asked her to make a fly out of a Kit Kat wrapper because he’d dropped one in the water and a salmon had grabbed it.” Boyd was too discreet ever to divulge how many times Prince Charles came to her cottage, although the locals knew about their friendship and the fact that she referred to him as “Charlie”.

It was a decade, however, before Steel managed to make it to Brora; he was caught up producing his first acclaimed documentary, The Bridge, about suicides on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and then the film Julie & Julia, starring Meryl Streep.

“I was convinced I’d left it too late; that all the details of her life would be lost,” he says.

“As long as I was tying flies for the fishermen, which I started off doing to earn my daily bread, I kept doing it.

All the other orders had to go to the bottom of the pile,” she said in an interview with The Atlantic Salmon Fly.While making the film, Steel discovered that Boyd was not the recluse her fishing fans imagined her to be.As well as being a keen bridge player, she was a devoted member of the local country dancing club, attending rallies all over the north of Scotland.In Brora, however, the locals were only too pleased to share their memories of Boyd, a household name in this remote part of Sutherland.Within moments of arriving Steel was being shown to her cottage, which has been uninhabited since her death.Brora Work Club is held in Brora Learning Centre every Tuesday between 1300 – 1630 hrs We can assist with CV’s, cover letters, job applications, IT skills, job searches, benefits issues etc.

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