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Elissa escaped the tyranny of her own country, founding the "new city" of Carthage and subsequently its later dominions.

In just seven years, since their exodus from Tyre, the Carthaginians have rebuilt a successful kingdom under her rule.

Her subjects adore her and present her with a festival of praise.

I'm sincere and open person as I prefer to have equal relations..

I have a great personality I am My hobbies, I love to cook, I love traveling to other countries for relaxation on my vacation because I love site seeing, I like swimming, camping, fishing, writing, tennis, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Music, I'm very patient, purposeful and generous.

The empire extended over much of the coast of Northwest Africa as well as encompassing substantial parts of coastal Iberia and the islands of the western Mediterranean Sea.

Initially a dependency of the Phoenician state of Tyre, Carthage gained independence around 650 BC and established its political hegemony over other Phoenician settlements throughout the western Mediterranean, this lasting until the end of the 3rd century BC.

She married her uncle Acerbas, also known as Sychaeus, the High Priest of Melqart, a man with both authority and wealth comparable to the king.

This led to increased rivalry between the religious elite and the monarchy.

Her character is perceived by Virgil as even more noble when she offers asylum to Aeneas and his men, who have recently escaped from Troy.

A spirit in the form of the messenger god, Mercury, sent by Jupiter, reminds Aeneas that his mission is not to stay in Carthage with his new-found love, Dido, but to sail to Italy to found Rome.

ruling 300 other cities around the western Mediterranean Sea and leading the Phoenician world.

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