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Date: 2017-10-26 New Features and Content Costumes - just in time for Halloween!

Costumes are premium, account-bound cosmetic swaps that can be worn in any world.

Be sure you’ve claimed ‘em before Wednesday, March 14 -- after that you’ll need to wait until they return next year!

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However, EA Access members on Xbox One and PC can try out the FIFA 17 experience before it’s released on September 22 (this Thursday) with a 10-hour Play First Trial.

To access the FIFA 17 Web App and get started on your new FUT season, simply head over to the official site to get started.

You'll be able to pick up some great players at relatively cheap prices which you could then sell on for a much greater amount later on.

It sounds silly but having a decent team during EA Access will make it miles easier to win matches and as a result make more coins (see above for why that's so important). If you try and go for players during EA Access who people will want in their teams when the game comes out you could make a fortune in coins.

Make sure you log into the web app every day, because you can collect your free daily gift.

According to dedicated FUT site Ultimate uk last year daily gifts were available for two weeks after the FIFA 16 Webstart initially got going."On the first day we received 1,000 coins and a Gold Gift pack," recalls the site.However during the Webstart there's little competition on the Transfer Market because of the lack of players actively playing the game.As a result you can grab some amazing bargins, but here's another tip: only go for those with less than one hour of bidding left.However, a very small subset of players are still running 32-bit versions of Windows, which are no longer supported.If you're one of those players, we've put together this FAQ to help: New Features and Content 18 new column blocks - free for everyone!Heads, hats, gauntlets, weapons, and the flashlight are currently supported.

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