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Sean Connery makes a wonderful choice by playing off his old age. Zeta-Jones, it has been said of her that she takes the best close-up in current motion pictures. While she does struggle trying to keep down her natural Welsh accent, Zeta-Jones makes for a lively sidekick to Connery, and despite the ballyhooed age difference, they work together just fine.

As the character, he seems overwhelmed by Catherine Zeta-Jones. Despite a lackluster and forced final, "Entrapment" works better than you may think.

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It's entertaining as hell, and the climax holds many thrills.

Like I said before, the two leads are some of the finest looking in the film biz.

Gin convinces him that her insurance agency job is the real cover and that she has planned an even bigger heist in Kuala Lumpur: $8 billion from the "International Clearance Bank" in the North Tower of the Petronas Towers During their set-up, Cruz and his team (with the guidance of the stealthy Thibadeaux) track down Gin and confirm that she is still on mission to bring Mac in. Rotten Tomatoes lists the film as receiving 38% positive reviews.

Despite the presence of Cruz and other security watching the building, the theft takes place in the final seconds of the new 2000 millennium countdown. Critics focused on a scene where Zeta-Jones trains for the heist by worming around a net of red threads that simulate laser beams.

Considering that this doesn't end at the prom or a warehouse, this is a breath of fresh air.

Director Jon Amiel has a very checkered past, but with "Entrapment", I've never seen him so sure of himself.

Following a death-defying escape when the cable breaks, Gin and Mac make their way to a ventilation shaft, where Mac explains "Plan B." Using a mini-parachute they were going to escape down the shaft. The laser scene was choreographed by Paul Harris, who also choreographed the wand-to-wand combat sequences in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Gin has lost her parachute earlier in the escape, so Mac gives her his. The film was a box office success, grossing over million in the US and 2 million worldwide.

It's easy to get hung up on the age difference or Connery's hairpiece, but the movie is too much fun to be bothered with such minute details.

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