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I would invite the hiso girls to a nice dinner to test the waters, bang the call center girls after inviting them up to watch a movie, and everything in between.

I probably missed some bangs in the process, but it was fun, and it was nice to break up the monotony.

Probably the biggest pitfall of dating Filipinas is their lack of foresight and impulsivity.

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They can come from different backgrounds, but I noticed a few patterns that apply for most of the good ones. On one hand you’ll have the poor, feminine, ultra-selfless hardworking girl.

On the other hand, you may also come across responsible upper-class women that might make decent partners. The poor girls often bring the baggage of lazy families looking to exploit them, and the rich girls often see feminine tasks like cooking and cleaning below them.

I would recommend not getting too serious with anyone, and not committing to anything until you’ve been dating them for a couple weeks.

Responsibility is very important in the long term if you want to be with someone you can trust.

It may be harder to find them, but there’s some nice girls out there. Well, long story short, I’ve found I’m generally happier in a relationship.

But even if you do find them, they might not be what you’re looking for. I like sex, but once I’m sated, I tend to find more enjoyment in pursuing my interests, and I prefer to not have to worry about hunting for new pussy or dating.

I’ve traveled most of Asia, but didn’t date many women outside the Philippines.

I was always drawn to the intensity of Filipinas’ emotions.

I used to bang randoms in the Philippines, but also had a handful of LTRs.

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