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The chairs were designed to comfortably support the body.They are usually made of molded plastic and have very modern looking forms.

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Following a short interview, the audience was shown video excerpts of the three potential dates (of which the contestant had screened in their entirety).

The audience is then asked to vote on which date they believe was the right match for the bachelor(ette).

It does take some skill to identify these old rocking chairs but by looking at as many as possible, asking questions, and learning about the designs you can be an expert in no time.

Love Connection was an American television game show, where singles tried to find the best date and/or to have something in common with each other.

Regardless of the outcome, Chuck then revealed the audience's vote.

If the contestant's and the audience's (majority) choices agreed, Chuck would congratulate the couple for making a "love connection" and pay for their next date if they hit it off.The contestant, who had already gone on the blind date, would introduce his/her choice.Since contestants were not permitted to see each other or make contact between the time they went on their date and when they appeared on the show, this was their first meeting since going out.You can easily identify this style by the raised design of the wood on the back.Beware of reproductions; this style became popular again in the 1980s.If the audience vote favored another contestant, or if the date went badly, Chuck would offer to pay up to for a date with the audience's choice; the contestant could choose the second date or elect to remain on his/her own.

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