Rob dyer and lights dating

However, she goes into labour on the tube and gives birth to a baby girl, naming her daughter, Summer.Dawn tells the hospital not to admit Rob but May tells the hospital staff that she is Dawn's GP and wants to leave a card for her, planning to take Summer but Dawn wakes up.

May reacts by taking pills intended for patients but when challenged, accuses nurse Naomi Julien (Petra Letang) of stealing the pills and forces her to leave the Square. Lulling Dawn into a false sense of security, Rob proposes and she accepts.

He takes her to his parents' house, where May is waiting.

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May asks Dawn to let her take the baby, doubling her original offer, but Dawn refuses so May leaves alone.

May later visits Dawn, asking to see Summer and offering her the toys and baby clothes she had collected during Dawn's pregnancy.

Daniel plays vicar Billy Mayhew in the ITV soap and has always been openly gay throughout his career, Rob plays Ken Barlow’s son Daniel Osbourne and publicly revealed that he is gay in January this year, although he confirmed that he’d previously come out to his friends and family eight years earlier.

Speaking to The Sun, a source explained: “Daniel was instantly attracted to Rob when he joined the cast.

May and Rob are separated when Rob starts dating Dawn but he ends it when May asks him to give their marriage another go and they are trying for a baby by IVF.

May reveals she once miscarried at six weeks before learning that Dawn is expecting Rob's baby and that her fertility treatment has been unsuccessful.

Rob restrains Dawn while May drugs her and threatens to perform a caesarean if Dawn does not co-operate.

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