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In fact, the time of my life I probably had the most varied selection of girls at my disposal was around 1996-99 when I dressed real immature (e.g.

Like all sweetness and civility on the surface, with a real nasty streak underneath.

I hated her guts and I also wanted to fuck her more than anything in the world. Anyway, one day I had been away on a business trip and had an early-morning flight back to the city.

As for women, you know they'll always want the edgy guy who keeps them chasing.

Achilles: This is an excellent post which addresses an issue I've often wondered about.

What I didn't realize is that these girls didn't think clean-cut preppy guys were sexy at all. These girls' fathers wore Ralph Lauren button-ups and ass-hugging khakis. I started wearing trendier, more urban designer clothes like we talk about on this site.

I was wearing necklaces and had more of a Byronic style.

I needed to come into the office for a short time upon arrival, and rather than head home and change first, I thought I'd just go in, get what I needed done and get out.

I was wearing a check lumberjack-style shirt and some very casual winter pants, probably corduroys. Well, my intuition hasn't always been the best, but I'll never forget the way that Chief Accountant looked at me. I had no idea how to act upon it back then, so I did nothing.

My father was a successful man, but conservative and boring to women. The answer to this came to me from a friend who I went to high school with.

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