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Once in a while I also was attacked with directed energy weapons (microwave, laser) but I was not worried about these attacks that time.All this time I managed to live a life, work and earn money, rent a house, take care of my children.See also: STOPEG foundation In short: In 2000 I discovered I was being targeted with the aim to murder me mentally or physically.

I know now many, thousands, of innocent people every year (I estimated 300-400 people in The Netherlands every year) who become/became a target did not understand or understood but did not have the strength to cope.

They were just slaughtered to death, I cannot think of another way of describing this. The system, the ones in control, needs enemies to survive, to recruit agents, followers.

Without enemies left, now almost random people are selected for elimination, put on lists, pointed the enemy, while they are not. Back to About index About May 2010: 10 years of horrible and cruel crimes committed against me – timeline After a slow buildup of increasingly strange things happening in my life, with the aim to make you depressed and paranoid, an explosing of violence occured during a week the intention being to drive me insane so I would commit suicide, collapse into a psychiatric patient, commit a crime.

Letter to Balkenende, Prime Minister of The Netherlands, telling him that I was being physically/mentally murdered by the Dutch secret service (defined as the secret services operating in The Netherlands, asking him to stop these crimes against me, get the bastards and allow me to send them to jail for life.

I have a number of possible reasons, I worked for a very very rich person, met a person connected to the richest family in The Netherlands, etc.

Despite the still increasing terror against me I managed to recover my strength and found a way to deal with the gang stalking bastards.It started with an electrical shower, that is the way it felt.The first months of 2009 they attacked my heart also 24/7 with insane intensities, bursts, etc.Peter Mooring on the web is a blog about horrible human rights violations by secret services.Using gang stalking techniques and hi-tech electronic weapons (directed energy weapons) every year thousands of people all over the world are tortured and murdered, most of them never knowing what happened.Being a 10 year survivor of these crimes I tell you on this site what is going on in our world, your world. Main sections: TEN YEARS OF GANG STALKING AND ELECTRONIC TORTURE Update: July 28, 2010 Being a victim of gang stalking and electronic torture for 10 years now I decided to give you a detailed update on what is happening in my life. About index About the war against me Mark Rich, see The Hidden Evil, has a section on his site he calls the war against me.

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