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Another benefit to online 3D worlds for role playing is the fact that teacher and students from across the country or globe can engage in role-playing activities with each other.--------------------------------So – give it a go!

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Once you have joined and have a chance to see what we are about, you can join one of the other chats. The main realm of Mystical Realms is a plane made up of several worlds set in a mysterious time of high fantasy.

Magic rules the realm, and all matter of creature lives within - elves and dragons, humans and vampires. Set in modern times, The Veil offers players a chance to explore Earth that has been wrapped in a hidden weave of magic.

Here are some ideas:– set up a debate or a mock trial– have foreign language students meet in world and have them role play as students at a foreign university, or people attending a musical event.

meet with a class from another country and have everyone role play as people stranded on an island!

Here’s my case: the best role-players are those able to truly imagine being in the imagined scenario.

One thing that often hinders this imaginative effort is the fact that it’s difficult to imagine being someone else, or to imagine that your friend is someone else, if you look like you and your friend looks like your friend.

Role-playing activities can be powerful educational experiences, and we think virtual worlds like Edorble are great for conducting them online.

This is because 3D virtual worlds like Minecraft or Edorble are great at fostering “physical presence”, a feeling of being there, and “social presence”, the sense of being with others.

So – how can your class conduct role playing activities online?

Doing this can be particularly challenging if the scenario you want your students to act out is one that is usually “embodied”, for example someone ordering a coffee at a coffee shop, or a trial.

:)-have business students role play as people negotiating a deal, or people making a business pitch Here's an example of a role-playing lesson plan for language learning that is posted in our space for lesson ideas and activities that use virtual worlds.

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