Moms dating a vampire disney movie

The movie theatre in town is showing the Lost boys, fitting as the failed vampire test – and the fact that the vampire is after mom – reminds the viewer of the classic film.This is Disney piffle but it is well acted Disney piffle and thus mildly amusing and good for the kids.Caroline Rhea is great as mom Lynette and works as a foil to Shaughnessy’s Dimitri who acts in a sophisticated manner and despairs at Lynette’s more common (and public) wishes for the date.

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Moms dating a vampire disney movie

Meet the Hansens: Adam (Matt O’Leary) is watching the movie, along with younger brother Taylor (Myles Jeffrey) – who hides behind the couch with a cushion.

The phone call was for older sister Chelsea (Laura Vandervoot).

It truly is a bit of crap bat syndrome but as it is the only time it occurs in the film it is forgiveable.

Taylor cannot talk about vampires – under mom’s orders – and so he leaves the house to save her from her date.

Mom, Lynette (Caroline Rhea), comes in and turns the film off sending the older kids off to do homework.

Rather than do that, Adam surfs the web looking for the website of vampire hunter Malachi Van Helsing (Robert Carradine), the story of whom is in the tabloid the ‘Weekly Secret’.That said they have done some good movies – despite the fact I refuse to admit it – and this one manages to contain a certain something despite a total lack of anything resembling blood.It is also fitting, I feel, to feature a film on the blog that itself stars Robert Carradine, after all dad John and half-brother David have appeared on the pages enough times!The lore we do get, as well as no reflections, is the fact that vampires have some serious eye-mojo but the resultant trance can be broken by true love.Vampires sleep in coffins, can walk up walls, can use that eye-mojo to repel attackers and are very, very strong.I haven’t mentioned dad and, to be honest, with the film’s title it is clear he won’t be in the picture – as it is he is getting remarried and he and Lynette are divorced.

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