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For someone like Teddy, who was incredibly sweet and empathetic, it was a pretty big stretch to see him so easily involve himself in a relationship with Riordan and barely grapple with the misgivings dating a murderer would understandably provoke.

It felt like any hesitancy on Teddy’s part was quickly glossed over in the interest of keeping the story moving.

, in order to get the maximum enjoyment out of this one.

Having said that, I could be convinced to call this one a standalone as well, for the author does a great job of giving some of the needed background on the returning characters.

Also, please be aware this review may contain a few spoilers if you haven’t read the initial story in the series.

Unlike Snow, Teddy is a very innocent man with no past experiences of violence or abuse like Snow endured.

Series: Haven Hart Universe: Book Two Author: Davidson King Publisher: Amazon/Kindle Unlimited Length: Novel Category: Contemporary, Suspense/Thriller At a Glance: Despite my reservations, it doesn’t take away from the fact that Davidson King is a solid writer. Reviewed By: Sammy Blurb: Riordan Darcy has spent the last fourteen years building a name for himself as a notorious assassin.

He travels the world taking the lives of some of the worst humanity has to offer, leaving his signature on every victim.When he meets Riordan Darcy, professional challenge and personal temptation collide, making it nearly impossible for him to endure a whole month with the gorgeous, enigmatic man without falling head over heels in love.When a mole is discovered within Riordan’s organization, relationships are compromised, and people’s lives are in danger.This is important to note, because it definitely impacted my response to the idea that Teddy could fall in love with an assassin who was known for some very violent behavior when it came to taking a trophy from each of his kills.In fact, the description of Riordan’s method of killing along with a fairly comprehensive list of how the other team members killed was a particularly gruesome aspect to this novel.That really gave me pause on more than one occasion while reading this book.

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