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He had multiple noticeably lazy moments, including coughing the puck up at his own blueline and then standing there and watching while the Blackhawks scored.

He ended the game -1, with only 2 shots, 2 hits, a giveaway and no takeaways or blocked shots.

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Crosby, meanwhile, still only has 25 points in 20 games.

Like Ovechkin, though, his obvious talent isn’t the main draw to us at SHR.

Ooh, and playing their second game in as many nights too.

Ooh, the Stars would need some serious luck to make it out of this one with a win. the Stars got a weird mix of luck, fortunate circumstance, and timely goaltending and actually managed to run off with the two points.

Team bias aside, here’s how we feel about some other players across the league this season. Your own team’s fans call you “Cindy” for a reason.

Note: All the links go to images, videos, and articles that we felt illustrated our feelings best. Evgeni Malkin Basically a slightly older, Russian, less dynamic version of Crosby.Robidas shot the puck from center ice, sending it along the glass in a routine dump into the Chicago zone.Instead of heading behind the net, however, it hit something and bounced out towards Cristobal Huet, who reached down to catch it.The second goal against came when Auld lost his footing behind the net, giving Toews an easy goal.The third gave the Hawks momentum to attempt to tie it by putting them within one goal with 5 minutes left to play. One of the best players for Dallas in the first 5 games all of a sudden looked completely lifeless.A pane of glass fell out and into the stands during the game and play was held up as they waited for it to be replaced.

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