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If you visit a lot of out-of-the-way locations, a Garmin product might work best because their maps cover more countries than Tom Tom and Garmin devices work with third-party map software.

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Although Garmin sells maps that cover more countries, their individual maps each cover fewer countries.

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The top navigation GPS devices come from three manufacturers: Garmin, Tom Tom and Magellan.

have good maps of North America, but world travelers need reliable roadmaps that go well outside U. Before you purchase any navigation GPS device, make sure you'll be able to use it to navigate your way from Prague to Munich or Johannesburg to Nairobi on your next adventure.

Compared to Tom Tom's map selection, Garmin covers more of Central and South America, more of Africa and the Middle East, and much more of Asia.

Surprisingly both Tom Tom and Garmin have no maps of Japan, but Garmin has Tom Tom beat with coverage of India, China, Vietnam and the Philippines.

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All brand names, trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.Tom Tom As you can tell from the abundance of green on the Tom Tom and Garmin maps, the decision for the serious world traveler comes down to these two manufacturers.Most Tom Tom GPS devices are equipped with detailed maps of the U.If you plan to venture outside of North America and Europe, you're better off going with a Tom Tom or a Garmin.Just make sure the manufacturer you choose has a map for the areas you plan to visit.They both come preloaded with comprehensive maps of most European countries and partial maps of others.

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