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Hi, so I had a dream a little while ago and I was wondering what your thoughts were.

The Dream took place in a church and it was very bright.

And now from last few months , some paranormal things are happening. As you seek Him He will continue to reveal Himself to you in awesome and unexpected ways - through dreams in the night, visions during the day, and teaching you about Himself as you pray and read His Bible. I was trying to get a confirmation from God so I prayed.

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That horrific point of history is exactly that, a point of history, full of tremendous pain and suffering.

How I don’t see Jesus: I don’t ever picture Jesus on the cross as I come to Him, because He is not there.

This life-changing, interactive, online learning experience explores this topic inside and out, so you become comfortable interpreting the messages you are receiving from God every single night! Well i was struggling one day i couldnt take my mind probelems evil thought i asked god begged for help then i fell asleep after a while i was waljing wgite all around people in front of me in white gowns walkimg to go i saw the lord who sent jesus ob the left shadow behind a wall he said look down the light is to bright so i look down then the dream ended what's it mean?

The Bible does make it clear that we see through a glass dimly (1 Cor. However, many of us do begin seeing Jesus’ face after using vision for awhile. As a "Thank You" for reading this blog post, you can receive an exclusive 50% discount on the Hear God Through Your Dreams course from School of the Spirit (using coupon code: VISION).

I was raised Catholic and as a child I remember believing in Jesus.

During my teenage years and early adulthood I was no longer a practicing Catholic.

I told him the story of my life, suddenly he told me that 1 month before he met me, he heard that my nick name (the nick name I used to use in highschool is the name that he heard while he was talking to God about his wife). Basically your opening sentence explains why you may be receiving confusing and contradictory visions.

We want to be following God's written word, the Bible, and understand that all of His spoken words to us will line up with scriptural principles.

It's awesome to hear that after you prayed for help you saw the Lord!

You can learn more about Jesus and the light and love He wants to bless you with here: By God's grace I can receive visions and dreams and interpret them correctly as I use the gift to minister to 100's but the problem I have now is ; I an tired of the status of getting visions,i want to advance to hearing God and speaking to him mouth to mouth.

He tells me to lighten up and laugh along with Him. How about if you post a response to this blog, and share with us what Jesus’ face looks like when you see it. When I am driving, He is seated next to me in the car. When I am counseling, He is often standing with His hands on the counselee’s shoulders. Sometimes images of death on the cross will flash across my mind in these specific circumstances. He speaks in dreams, in visions of the night when deep sleep falls on people as they lie in bed.

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