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Dasatinib displays 325-fold greater potency compared with imatinib against cells expressing wild-type Bcr-Abl.The percent of colonies of Tg E bone marrow cells are decreased from 100% in untreated wells to 4.12% in Dasatinib treated wells.Calculate the dilution required to prepare a stock solution.

Immediately before use in kinase autophosphorylation and in vitro peptide substrate phosphorylation assays, GST-Abl kinase domain fusion proteins are treated with LAR tyrosine phosphatase.

After 1-hour incubation at 30 °C, LAR phosphatase is inactivated by addition of sodium vanadate (1 m M).

Dasatinib reverses splenomegaly in Rag1KO mice engrafted with tumor cells from LMP2A/MYC double transgenic mice.

Dasatinib therapy inhibits Lyn phosphorylation in B lymphocyte tumors expressing LMP2A.

Treatment with 10 n M or 50 n M Dasatinib results in a 9-22% increase of cells in the G1 population among BCPAP and SW1736 and K1 cells, and a corresponding 7-18% decrease in the percentage of cells in the S phase.

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Dasatinib is more effective than imatinib in inhibiting the proliferation of Ba/F3 cells expressing wild-type Bcr-Abl and Bcr-Abl mutants, with the exception of T315I.

Dasatinib has a two-log (∼325-fold) increased potency relative to imatinib.

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