Free of cost sexy chating

On my skin it opens with a big burst of grapefruit and once it has settled the woods and white florals are dominating.

The citruses calm down but never goes completely away.

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Joy, light and grace were the words that came into my mind when I first smelled this fragrance and I immediately envisioned Grace Kelly in the movie High Society wearing that white dress and sitting around the blue pool while men swirl around her languishing for her.

This is the scent of an elegant, beautiful woman, restrained and passionate at the same time.

It is great during hot summer days, because the sharpness really cuts through the heat.

If you like citrusy, woody white florals with an edge I think you should give this one a sniff.

Initially on the first sprays it opens with notes that make me think of Gabrielle only I tend to think Jour is more heavy on the citrus whilst Gabrielle leans more on the floral notes. Even though they share some similarities they still stand on their own as distinctive and quality scents . This is mature citrus, a dense jammed sour citrus mix with flower, a little bouquet of expensive white flower on top of fragrance wood cabinet. Perfume is wonderful for spring - when trees emit the same freshness and beauty. It's light, crisp and doesn't project beyond one's personal space.

I think Jour could be a stunning and luxurious perfume in summer and I'd like to see how it develops in hot weather. This is just going to show how different people smell things differently. It has an air of clean, fresh water and lightly soapy florals.

It is a nice surprise Sunlight and joy in a bottle.

This opens up with a very gentle citrus and an array of white florals.

I’m also thinking that this chilly, dreary, winter day isn’t the best time for it and I’ll save the rest of the vial for warmer weather.

I’ve tested this fragrance in summer and winter time and I’m sorry to say this now, but on me this is just an indecisive citrus fragrance. I really appreciate the combination of gardenia, white flowers and grapefruit.

On me, the dominant note is the grapefruit and I don’t pick up much of the lemon for some reason.

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