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I have decided to begin including some of these dreams that I have found on the net into this section called Ordinary People.

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There are many threads of connectivity within these dreams and visions.

For example one can find several ( On the three web pages ) references to white horses correlating to Christ's Second Coming.

Please if you have any question about your salvation Do we know that all these voices are from God?

Of course not, But to ignore the accumulative data that is available is to stick one's head in the proverbial sand.

Last Night I had a very strange and disturbing dream. Me and my mom were watching CNN but it was like we were there it was like being on a holodeck for those of you familiar with Star Trek.

I was at my church and I guess it had been set up as a relief center. It was in Iraq, it was night time but I know the tanks were in desert camouflage and the reports mentioned that they I had a dream last night were I was watching TBN. On TBN , I believe it was Praise the Lord, someone was saying how this war would change the world, and God told him that Israel would be involved with this Iraq war.The hammer-type object was beating the Eagle to death, feathers were going everywhere. Realizing that this represented America, I began to feel death in my spirit.I started to cry to the Lord and begged Him to remember His promise to us that if My people which are called by My Name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face, then I will heal their land.It is my considered opinion that this world is rapidly moving toward a period unparalleled in human history.These coming events the bible refers to as the end times, tribulation, rapture, Armageddon, Second Coming, etc.I pray that they will be beneficial to the body at large and a wake up call to nominal Christians.

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