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To find that man, you may need to work harder at networking than your slimmer friends.

Don't only rely on Internet dating sites – ask your friends, co-workers, and relatives for suggestions.

(Most people feel better about themselves after a "makeover", and they project a sense of confidence and self-comfort that makes them appealing to others. ) That may make the difference between a "yes" and a "no" from a prospective dater.

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The "chemistry" that can develop in a face-to-face meeting is a product of how you connect to each other's personalities, sense of humor, mannerisms, self-expression, and thought processes.

If you reject someone because his photo doesn't excite you, you may miss out on the opportunity to meet a great match. Unfortunately, if a prospective date doesn’t see your photo on a dating website, they'll look for one on Facebook, Linked In, and other social networking sites.

I've had many experiences where a man and I hit it off online, and sometimes even go so far as to set up a date, but once he saw my photo he said, "Forget it, I don't think it will work." I have a nice personality and many good qualities, but few men take the chance of getting to know me because they insist on a photo preview that doesn't capture who I really am.

Especially with the ongoing "singles’ crisis," how can we convince people that it isn't fair to accept or reject someone solely on the basis of their looks?

Someone who has broken teeth, a skin condition, or looks messy and unkempt can get help correct these problems.

Hire a stylist to help you find a flattering hairstyle, clothing, and for women – make-up.

And we don't think he should, for a very practical reason. Judaism recognizes how essential physical attraction is in dating and marriage.

Remember how we talked about how attraction can develop when people start out feeling "okay" with each other's appearance? Someone turned off by the way another person looks, whether it is weight, a feature he dislikes, or an easily addressed quality such as unkempt appearance or poor personal hygiene, will not become attracted to her even if she has an amazing personality and is a great match for him in other respects. We agree with you that a man should appreciate you for who you are. Without that attraction, a man and a woman can have a friendship. Even the laws of mourning for a close relative reflect this.

It happens all the time – they check out each other's photos on Facebook or an online dating site, and one of them turns down the suggestion, insisting "Not my type".

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