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David writes in a way that is both clear and easy to understand, so it's a great read and will really help you improve your dating game.

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That's probably the only draw back of the book also, because it is designed for newbies so if you have great seduction game, then you probably know all the concepts and theory provided in the manual so you won't need to read it.

What I really liked about the Double Your Dating E Book is that David De Angelo (the author) spends a lot of time explaining to you why you shouldn't be yourself (at first) and what the differences between the sexes are.

So you are thinking about getting the Double Your Dating e Book but don't know if you should because you are worried that it's not worth your money?

Well, let me tell you, since I have read the book (unlike many people who have claimed to "review" the product) and I can tell you that it is essential for getting a basic understanding of the dating game.

We didn’t like how generalized and unspecific the strategies were.

They seemed like a rehash of insights Eben Pagan once had with women – bundled, of course, in a neat, marketable package so as many people as possible would buy it.

You get hyped up for an idea that isn’t explained in detail and isn’t really helpful. From Mark – “I was told to be cocky and funny, but how do you translate that into the real world? It’s pointless.” From Paul – “At least it was a quick read. I don’t think this will be helpful for me at all.” From Lenny – “I got one good line from it, and that’s about it.

Honestly, the whole book is basically telling you to hit on as many women as possible, be confident, be funny, and that’s about it. ” From Mike – “I liked it – but not because it was helpful.

60 days later, we asked them to tell us their thoughts.

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