are selena and nick jonas dating - Do not want kids dating

Couples split up for lots of reasons; affairs, money, people not pulling their weight with the housework, conflicting opinions on the right way to load the dishwasher… But one of the most fundamental issues has to be The Children Question.This week it was revealed that Gary Lineker and his wife of six years, Danielle, are divorcing.

There is one particular factor that these guys all had in common, regardless of their wide variety of separate issues. I'm telling the absolute truth when I say that I've never thought about those things in my life. I've never given a sh*t about any of that girly stuff.

Every single one of them, no matter how unfit or dysfunctional, wanted to start a family someday. Not only have I never suffered from wedding daydreams but I've never wanted kids, either.

I'm hitting the age when I have a few choices: I can date younger guys or I can date older guys.

Younger men can be fun because they don't want any commitment and aren't really thinking about kids yet.

I have terrible luck when it comes to meeting the right guys.

Yeah, I have a lot of my own issues that have definitely affected my choices in the past.

Still, I never find one who doesn't eventually want a family.

But even though I don't want kids, I do want a serious relationship. I've started talking to guys about their desires for the future before we even go on a first date. I don't want to spend a few weeks putting effort into something that will never work out.

It might sound unromantic and cold, but I need to be practical.

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