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17-Nov-2011 .762 xfer-in: info: transfer of 'testzone.com/IN' from connected using .762 xfer-in: error: transfer of 'testzone.com/IN' from failed while receiving responses: connection reset17-Nov-2011 .762 xfer-in: info: transfer of 'testzone.com/IN' from Transfer completed: 0 messages, 0 records, 0 bytes, 0.001 secs (0 bytes/sec) Above we can see that a zone transfer was started, but failed due to the TCP connection to the master server being reset.Typically this will be due to the tcp-listen-queue not being increased in line with other tuning options.Named is unable to discriminate between types of tcp client connection but it should be clear from the matching log entries on the slave server that this failed connection was for a zone transfer.

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Where servers handle large numbers of zone transfers - either because they have zones that are highly dynamic (many and frequent changes) or are simply serving a very large number of zones, then some consideration needs to be given to tuning to avoid: The last problem on the list is the one that historically has led to tuning options that 'throttle' zone transfers, but higher-speed hardware and networks developed in recent years mean that most servers should be able to handle a significant rate of zone maintenance activity in parallel with servicing client queries.

Configuration options for tuning zone transfers that are set too low may therefore cause other issues for zone administrators.

Sometimes this is due to the TCP connection between the master and slave being reset but it can also be due to the master being inaccessible from the slave due to routing or firewall issues.

The outcome is doubly bad: Note also that when attempting a zone refresh there is a fallback from UDP to TCP on the SOA query.

There are a number of options that can be used to control (both on masters and slaves) which servers are notified when a zone is updated and which master servers should be queried by slaves when they are refreshing as well as handling the security implications of both via ACLs and .

This article assumes that the reader is familiar with all of these and that the zone transfer mechanism is both secure and functioning as expected, but needs some attention to tuning.

The process of checking and updating is called a zone refresh: When a server is restarted, it sends out notifications for the zones that it has loaded (in case they have been updated while it was not running).

Similarly, when loading zones that are slaved, a newly-restarted named will initiate a refresh for each zone (using jittered time intervals so that all refreshes are not initiated concurrently).

assumes that if the serial number remains the same, then the zone is unchanged.

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