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Available for free on Android devices through their application store.

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Organisations and websites The Asexual Visibility and Education Network AVEN is a community and resource directory for asexual individuals, those questioning and their allies.

Empty Closets This LGBT community offers a forum, chat room and other resources that help you with all aspects of your sexuality.

Pregnancy This application lets you follow your pregnancy day by day, keeping track of diets, exercises, kicks and contractions and more.

Available for free on Apple devices through their application store.

Promote Teen Help If you have enjoyed using Teen Help and you think other people like you might benefit from it too, then we'd really appreciate if you could spend a bit of time trying to promote us to other young people. Poster Here you can download a poster that you can email, use online or print to give out.

You could consider putting one up in your school bathroom, library, shopping centre or other places near you.

Information and articles Eating during pregnancy It's very important to eat well whilst pregnant to ensure your child remains healthy.

This articles gives some great tips on the types of food to eat and the types it's best to stay clear of during your pregnancy.

Talk Sex With Sue Talk Sex With Sue - maintained by sex expert Sue Johanson - provides information for young people about all things related to sex, sexuality and sexual health.

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