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However, armwrestlers can lower trunk sideways and use their weight as a force component.The heavyweight category for women is 176 lbs (80 kg).No wonder, big fat guys dominated traditional Japanese Sumo.

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Besides, in Judo and Sambo you can win immobilizing an opponent, so heavyweights have advantage there as well.

The most spectacular throw in Judo which is considered as Ippon (highest score) is to throw an opponent to his/her back.

Traditionally, matches in heavyweight categories attract most attention because it is heavyweights who usually determine who is the strongest in any given combat sport and in many cases heavyweights possess absolute titles.

However, the concept of heavyweight is not clear in womens categories.

Thus combat sports can be classified on the basis of the heaviest high level athletes and higher weight classes.

Lets try to introduce such classification and determine importance of pure weight in the most popular combat sports.

For instance, the higher female category (absolute) in the World Kickboxing Association is 145.5 lbs (66kg).

According to World Professional Muaythai Federation, the highest category for women is 160 lbs (75kg).

Sumo allows only standing contest: as soon as one of Sumotories touches the dohyo by any part of the body except feet or if he/she moves beyond it, the match is announced over.

The ability to keep balance is very important factor in Sumo contests, thats why heavier wrestlers have obvious advantage (all other conditions being equal).

No doubt, the weight of an athlete is an important factor in any combat sport.

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