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It's the same as One On One raallv, only it's Four Ohi Four. You pick a wrestling quar- tet and so does your opponent.Thev come into the ring, one at a time, and it's a fight to the death.Two On Two, ba»ically- Yet, you pick a pair and sodoes vou)' opponent.

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Accliaim has the licence and Probe Software i;coders of BBCk To The Furure- and the brilliant Golden Axe to n a me bu t two J a re do i n cj a\\ the donkey work. Why not write to us onc& more and tell us what yoir personally think of the brand Spanking new ZERO? You can buy the sha-rei card from Ptioertijt for £24,99 *nd Ki^kstart 1,3 for £39,99, It is s lot to pay, but i' y OL really need to run i,3 software, it would be wot* your ■w*iile, Vou wn get in louch wili Ph Mni Konl053Jop thpt servas «» the ZERO iff ice is more in need of a ol^cin Dut than Colombo's wardrobe.

It sounds as if the game might be rather spesh actually, as Prcibe intends to include graphics straight from the film, an atmospheric soundtrack and loads of chilling effects. Well, it's much the same as the film, basically, wh i c h at t he e nd of th e day involves Ripley locating the alien before IT locates HEF^. have been ra leased yet as it isn't due until October, but SMAAART doesn't like to let you down. Now that ZERO'S sjiortii^g a new look, it's all the mors important that we flet rid of all the old crap.

S^^ Avoiloble on: Atari ST, Amiga and PC (VGA onty) 1 992 Softw Hre 1000. ■ i HACQW SOt Ci MB 111: Mlt i U lit HILl SMIi ■ Dt WOWOF f WW RQHt^y sft VER GAME: HUWF •"'•"«' 7 SMART Wot's hat and wot's not!

All ri^hli Available onr Am»trdd & C64 cassette & disc, Spectrum cassette^ Atari ST, Ami^ & PC and compatibles. UVot's news and wot's ti«uw It's blirikin' smaaarti! [That's 500 micker's worth of console and computer add-ons J CO mpwtflr and console loct right hflrfl - no chargel 98 COMPETITION Win B pair of tickets to the WWF Tour thanks to Acclaim The full lowdown on all the up and coming g^nnes - Tomorrows hits today and all that, and gues^ what? r I revieuirs i previews 76 Ashes Of Emiilre 84 Dark Seal II 2Z Dune 83 FT Granit Prix 3B Fire SI 83 Gl Joe 68 Granil Prix 38 Gynoug Saga ^" 66 H eroes Df The 357th MPllectri Hiic Arts ro Hostile Breed 24 Ishar 20 Jaguar XJ220 32 Jim Power 64 Legend Mindscape 84 Lethal Thunder 74 Pushover Ocean 3d Rampart 72 Risky Waods f O 84 Street Fighter '92 62 Super Smash TV 26 Terminator 16 WWF Wrestlemania 87 Bart Vs The Wo rid 87 Battletoads 36 BOB 90 Cdo I Cmc Twins 69 Dragon's Lair 67 Krusty's Fun Nouse 88 Olympic Gold US Qoh 90 Outrun Euro pa US Gold 9 Robin 37 Populous 37 Populous II Bifllfrog/EA 37 Populou|ll Data Disks Bullfr©*?

Other mags 5«err to have reviews coverinig up to four pages with hods of SCreenshols and axdrnpla sl^Ot^ of garrreplay. In fact, the nearest thing to going tea wrestling match would incteidd be to go arid see Christopher Biggins and Cheryl Baker in Cinder Blla. "Look," you'll tell them, "watch what happens when W do this..." "Cuo/' they'll reply. I'm impressed already." "Yes., I thought you would be," you'll add [ft a glodting tone, "but just wait uf^til you see this..." And soon.

Cindereila may not be as violent an extra v^ gen ja, but you know how it's all going to and and evef'y'3fl6 wears a poncey cos- tume, So how does WWF Super Wrestlemsfits echo the real thing? You knawthesortofthings I'm on about here - the graphics, the animatian and ths sound - and they're all equally superb. Lo k at the indi vidu al wresti er sp rites in th e scree rig ra bs a nd imagine how you'd Nike them to move a round the screen.CARTOOM The ZERO craw get up to the craziest of comic stl capers! ) a O INTERNATIONA Six packsd pages of thunderous tips including FOUR pages of eve opening Eye Of The Beholder /f imaps. CUDS FRe M THE FRO$ft AMM£RS 'f ' Wifh aft the fe¥etsr p&WBt-ups, benasesr feafares, hidden secreis and muhiples fhaf faa^d expect ham award-whnh^ Graftgofd * "BEAUTIFUL AND EVOCATIVE...$TAHDS IIP PROUD AMQKGST THE BEST OF PLATFORM GAMES. Mf Tf OLP I MLJI^il MMkl^i ■"-*- i*ta j^^ \ IT'S fl COMPUTER SHOW!' Amiga Power ^ "THE BEST PLATFORMER SINCE RAINBOW ISLANDS;' The One 92% "A MUST BUY." 90% CO Amiga Screenstar C1 , Metrot Ki Utw Wtorl, Wapping Wat I, Loncton E i 9S5. Y«, another one -this time it'e tha International Computar Show and it's due to be held at the Wemblev Conference & EKhibition Centre.Ofjt Of WEivir You can punch hifo, kick him and perform a hiptoss on him (like a judo throw, using your hip as 3 lever), You cao headb Litt him,, up-and-ctvw body-slam him or you can show him what a duplex is (it's a bodyslam, where he lands on his neck rather than his back!, Or how about trying to pull off a nifty ciothesline, where he runs towa rds you, o n ly ■for h i s nee k to meet your outstretched fore- arm?If you happen to be in or around London on the 10th, 11th or 1 2th of July (and you're not too skint to pay the entry feeji then why not pop along?

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