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It's quite normal for Paraguayan people to ask you direct questions like, “How old are you? Political alliances can be very strong and differences of opinion are not always appreciated. Accordingly, it is recommended to offer them a warm smile and open body language.

It is customary for women to kiss men and women, whereas men shake hands with one another.

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“Yes” does not always mean “yes” and it is by observing the other person's tone of voice and facial expression that one understands him.

Finally, if one has difficulty in grasping the other person's meaning, it is generally better to ask questions that cannot be answered with a “yes” or a “no,” in order to obtain a clear response.

Also Paraguayan people use the marital status Señor, Señora, Señorita. However, "vos" (equivalent to "tú", the most common voice in Spanish) is widely used among young people and among friends.

In Paraguay, it is best to abandon the notion of the “personal bubble” that is given so much importance in North America.

One's personal affairs are everybody's business, which is why it is essential for each Paraguayan who wishes to keep his life uncomplicated to maintain harmonious relationships by minimizing conflict situations.

The order of the day is therefore the least amount of confrontation possible and not frankness at any cost.

As such, the frank and direct manner that is valued in Canada is not the best strategy to adopt.

In fact, it is better to remain good-spirited, to avoid confronting the other person, and to try to get one's message across more subtly.

The kiss is not actually a kiss on the cheek, but more of a kissing noise while the cheeks of the two people makes contact.

Between men, there is always a handshake, and often a hug depending on how close they are.

For conversation topics, Paraguayan love to talk about family.

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