Dating galaxy info

By comparing the mass of ESO 325-G004 with the curvature of space around it, the astronomers found that gravity on these astronomical length-scales behaves as predicted by general relativity.

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Dating galaxy info

The Necrontyr may now be immortal and unified, but they had lost their souls in the process.

Thus the soulless machines known as the Necrons were born.

Already jealous of the Old Ones' seemingly eternal life spans, the Necrontyr went to war with the Old Ones, the separatists abandoned their rebellion, and the War in Heaven began.

The War in Heaven was one of the bloodiest wars in Galactic history, and it soon became apparent that the Necrontyr could never defeat the Old Ones and their mastery of the Warp despite their advanced technology.

The C'tan, almost impossible to destroy entirely due to their very nature, were instead shattered into shards.

Yet even with the defeat of both the Old Ones and C'tan, the Silent King saw that the time of the Necrons was - for the moment - over.Seeking the aid of these all-powerful star gods, the Necrontyr sought the favour of the C'tan and constructed bodies of living metal to contain their essence.So it was that a C'tan known as the Deciever came before Szarekh the Silent King, lord of the Triarch.They are ancient beyond reckoning, pre-dating even the Eldar.At long last, however, they are beginning to awaken, seeking to reestablish the supremacy of the Necron Dynasties over the Galaxy once more. Aeons ago, sixty million years before the 41st Millennium, the Necrontyr race reigned supreme over the Galaxy.With the Old Ones finally defeated, the Silent King struck and led a Necron revolt against the arrogant C'tan.

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