Dating culture in syria

While the family background of a woman is still significant, tracing descent is usually more common among men.

After all, since men tend to have more authority and power in this society, it is wise for a woman to marry a man with an honorable family background in order to keep the family proud.

They “universally encourage endogamy or the marriage of members within the group” (1).

This further supports their passion and attention towards family background.

21, opposition forces say that the government had used chemical weapons in an attack that killed more than 300 people and affected thousands of others in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta.

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Because of its extensive history and religious zeal, Syria is a traditional society that prides itself on several significant factors of life.

The culture focuses on the importance of respect, self-discipline, education and above all, family.

The current president Assad assumed his position after his father's death. Current conflict The civil war was set in motion after President Bashar al-Assad violently suppressed pro-democracy demonstrations in 2011. However, those groups have increasingly been composed of Islamist factions, making the United States wary of assisting them.

In February 2012, several world leaders condemned the massacre by government forces of 300 people in the city of Homs.

Along with what is now Lebanon, Syria came under French control after the Ottoman Empire collapsed in 1918, and became an independent country in 1946.

Because the area was once one territory, Syria has traditionally tried to exert influence over Lebanon, and from 1976 to 2005, Syrian troops occupied portions of Lebanon, ostensibly to protect Lebanon from outside threats.

Another 12 percent of the population is made up of Alawites, a sect of Shia Muslims.

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