the idiots guide to dating - Dating advice for the over 40 crowd

Meet up groups Today there are groups devised around every topic and age group.

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Attend lectures, workshops and seminars on variety of subjects.

While some of them may allow free entrance for all, the more formal among these may require invitations or at least a fee.

Apart from providing job search training programs and counseling, such associations offer great business and professional networking opportunities which you can use to expand your social circle too.

The best part of this approach is that at professional events, you can be more or less certain of finding successful singles.

Apart from getting to know more about yourself, these can also make good places to know others.

Some Good places in NYC to check out are Omega, The Open Center and other related conferences in your area.

So if you are in NYC and eager men on the other side of the forty-age mark, here are a few options to explore.

A special interest society Join a hobby club which has members from both sexes.

All you need to do is to find someone compatible in NYC and in your area.

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