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So for those who have been ghosted, what are the best ways to cope?

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The best thing you can actually do after being ghosted is keep yourself busy and slowly move on.

Of course it’s much easier said than done but the sooner you forget about them, the better.

It can be particularly frustrating for the person being ghosted, especially if they felt like the relationship was going well.

Modern technology certainly facilitates an increase in communication and enables us to connect with people quickly and easily.

It is however an explanation as to why contact is suddenly cut.

However, the most common reason for ghosting is simply that the individual in question is not interested and doesn’t want to hurt the other person’s feelings.It’s also easy to internalize the blame when you’ve been ghosted and come up with a colorful array of reasons about what you might have done differently. Some people just aren’t very good at ending things properly and sadly, you need to just accept it. So how about the 11% of people who have admitted to being ghosters themselves?Why do people suddenly think it’s acceptable to disappear with no explanation?They then tend to suddenly change their minds and ghost the person they were messaging, realizing that it’s in fact not something they want.Sadly, many people get caught up in the middle of this and wound up being ghosted as a result.For want of a better phrase ‘he/she’s just not that in to you’.

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