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The better the category of train, the faster it is likely to be, and the more modern & comfortable the carriages are likely to be.

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However, a temporary shortening to 30 days in early 2017 seems to have become permanent.

Yes they do, and most long-distance trains get fully-booked days ahead.

Now the bad news: Foreigners cannot buy tickets at it's only in Chinese and only accepts Chinese bank cards (although if you happen to be an ex-pat with a Chinese bank card and a basic knowledge of Mandarin, you can follow these instructions for using 12306here).

So you should buy tickets through one of the following reliable recommended agencies, who charge a small fee. Or buy from a local train ticket agency for an RMB 5 fee.

Back to top Chinese trains link virtually all main cities and towns in China, and are a safe, comfortable & civilised way to travel, even for families or women travelling alone.

Chinese trains generally have four classes, although you won't find every class on every train: Chinese train numbers usually start with a letter, which indicates the category of train.

So book as many days ahead as you can or pre-arrange tickets online as explained below.

Although as China's new G-category high-speed trains are expensive by Chinese standards you'll sometimes find Beijing-Shanghai or Beijing-Xian high-speed train tickets available on the day of travel or the day before, assuming you are flexible as to the class or exact departure time.

Barriers close 5 minutes before departure, and the train is then shown as 'check out'.

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