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Among other things, the study found that if the men met other men through what the study terms “Geosocial networking applications (GSN apps),” in this case apps like Grindr or Scruff that exploit a smartphone’s global positioning technology to tell you when other people with that app are nearby, they were significantly more likely to contract particular sexually transmitted infections, with a 25% increase in gonorrhea rates and a 37% higher chlamydia infection rate.

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→ Zum Gartenblog „Querbeet“ „kth spielt“ – Das Spiele-Blog „kth spielt“ richtet sich an alle, die in ihrer Freizeit gerne Piraten und Abenteurer, Zugfahrer und Denksportler sind.

Für elf Minuten, wenn der Twitter-Account von Donald Trump ausfällt.

Apart from that he also hosted two short-lived television shows, The Greg Behrendt Show and Greg Behrendt's Wake Up Call.

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On one hand, nothing was damning and it was actually really good material for me to see– what books he was into, what bands he listened to the most (I never knew anyone could love Journey quite so much), what sorts of entertainment and hobbies he likes– but if the shoe were on the other foot, I wouldn’t have liked knowing that someone with a passable grip on search engine keywords, a burning desire to know, and some patience could find favorite book series (A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.

Martin,) the fact that I did NOT click “Children & Families” as one of my interests on Stumble Upon, and the startling amount of the Black Keys listen to.

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