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Spears’s work has included “overseeing and coordinating Britney’s [redacted], business, costuming, personal, household stuff, and legal matters (touching upon entertainment, music, other business opportunities, family law issues, the litigation, trial and/or resolution of other disputes, and ongoing litigation and conservatorship matters).”He negotiates business opportunities, such as her 2012 stint as a judge on “The X Factor,” as well as interviews and sponsorships, even the maintenance of vehicles and the custody arrangement for her children. Spears and his lawyers have also aggressively kept at bay anyone they consider a threat to Ms. “It’s my baby, and so I really want it done right.”Music is only one part of the business of being Britney Spears these days. Neri, argued that the singer had to be capable of testifying.Spears’s stability, including a former business manager, a former boyfriend and a lawyer who once sought to intervene in her case, all of whom were served with restraining orders. Though the court’s typical maximum hourly fee is 0, Judge Goetz awarded Mr. Spears, citing an exception in court rules that allows higher fees “in cases involving unusual problems requiring extraordinary expertise.”Mr. Spears and Casey Kasem, the radio personality, then 82, who was also in a conservatorship until his death that year; his wife was challenging the size of the lawyer’s legal bills. Ingham said the case was particularly complicated, but Mrs. Ingham of padding his bills, a charge the judge dismissed. More than a dozen interconnected businesses, including profitable lines of lingerie and perfume, are overseen by the conservators. He pointed out in court papers that she takes care of her children, makes numerous public appearances and was then on a 79-date tour across much of the world.“The notion that Britney Spears is mentally or emotionally unfit to testify under oath is a sham,” Mr. But in that case and two others, Judge Goetz ruled the singer too fragile, mentally, to testify.

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Spears’s conservators allowed her to testify on Monday in a case filed against her by a former self-described manager.

They agreed that “giving such testimony is not likely to cause harm to her,” according to court papers.

There are recent signs, in fact, that the conservators are now acknowledging the great progress she has made.

After successfully fighting to keep her from testifying in at least three prior lawsuits — (a probate judge had previously agreed that doing so could cause her “irreparable harm”) — Ms.

Spears foundered in 2014 amid charges of infidelity that Mr. “And if anyone could see her interactions with her kids, they would know that there is no need for a conservatorship over Britney’s personal life.”Since the conservatorship began, some restrictions have been eased.

More far-reaching rollbacks were discussed several years ago but never occurred, according to a person who has been involved in Ms. It was the second time in less than a month that Ms.

According to the arrangement, which is typically used to protect the old, the mentally disabled or the extremely ill, Ms.

Spears cannot make key decisions, personal or financial, without the approval of her conservators: her father, Jamie Spears, and a lawyer, Andrew M. Her most mundane purchases, from a drink at Starbucks to a song on i Tunes, are tracked in court documents as part of the plan to safeguard the great fortune she has earned but does not ultimately control.

LAS VEGAS — The disturbing images seem so distant now: the pop-star-turned-cautionary tabloid tale — head shorn, face twisted, umbrella gripped like a police baton as she bashed a paparazzi S. Forbes named her the fifth-highest-earning female musician of 2015, ahead of powerhouses like Rihanna and Nicki Minaj.

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