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She’ll piddle away money on the transition, still face condo fees she cannot control and be invested in a development which excludes 90% of potential buyers (because of the age restriction). If she sells and invests in a balanced portfolio that should generate an extra ,000 a month – plenty of money to rent a lovely condo apartment in a quality building, have extra money to handle unexpected expenses (or travel and enjoy her health), plus still keep a million bucks to finance the rest of her life. Keep her coming Hulk Horgan. The province on BC is launching another review of BC’s real estate regulators and looking to change more regulations among dirty shysters weaseling their way around current regs. in which case the separation is fully justified and hopefully the court will see that.

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I’m much better at time management as a result of working with her, and I’m really grateful for the opportunity to have her as an employer.

Hello, I am a Realtor in Calgary that uses lead generation to secure new clients.

As I was sorting out my financial life, my husband decided to leave me.

So, here I am at 51 with two kids under 12 and have been staying at home for almost 11 years.

I gave up a great federal government job with a pension to stay home.

I started working part-time last year on a couple of provincial decision-making boards.

I don’t want her to be in a situation in a few years where she needs help in the home that she can’t afford with the only real asset being her currently ridiculously valued far from liquid condo. Carole James says pre-sale condo assignments (flipping) may be done to avoid tax. BC NDP looks to build 14,000 affordable rentals for just under billion over 10 years Local and municipal governments across British Columbia will soon have new powers to enact rental-only housing zoning.

Can you slice through this like you usually do, for what I’m sure are many people in the same scenario with aging parents at a crossroad in life? Says new legislation will require developers to collect & report information on sales, BC gov and CRA will ensure taxes are collected. Selina Robinson, the BC Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, introduced new legislation today to provide municipalities, including the City of Vancouver, with the authority to zone land for rental-only housing development.

It drives me crazy that she’s sitting on a lottery ticket and carrying credit card balances, or putting somewhat menial home maintenance costs on credit and worrying about it. One other surprise: Kelowna condos flattening out at 500k and having price reductions going into the busiest season of the year? This is direct feedback from Okanagan realtors right now.

I know there are obvious whiny kid things here about inheritances but this isn’t my concern, it’s her money, leave some leave none, that’s her call. – unidentified money speculator holding pre-sale contracts. All this just 3 years after the dirty money ran wild under Christy Clark and now where is Christy and all the dirty money flows? And as an added bonus, will the global money tightening, resulting stock market drops and pending recession save us or will it have a negative effect on housing too? This might be a problem for rental squeeze profits, you know, taking the squeeze ability away on already net negative properties.

What was to supplement our family income has turned into my income.

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