Bismarck consolidating german empire

His leading generals, Paul von Hindenburg and Erich Ludendorff, dictated policy during the First World War with little regard for the civilian government.An ineffective war-time leader, he lost the support of the army, abdicated in November 1918, and fled to exile in the Netherlands.Riding lessons began when Wilhelm was eight and were a matter of endurance for Wilhelm.

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Bismarck consolidating german empire

William attended the ceremony in a Highland costume, complete with a small toy dirk.

During the ceremony the four-year-old became restless.

In many photos he carries a pair of white gloves in his left hand to make the arm seem longer, holds his left hand with his right, or has his crippled arm on the hilt of a sword or holding a cane to give the effect of a useful limb posed at a dignified angle.

His left arm was about 6 inches (15 centimetres) shorter than his right arm.

She blamed herself for the child's handicap and insisted that he become a good rider.

The thought that he, as heir to the throne, should not be able to ride was intolerable to her.

Wilhelm II, or William II, (Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albert; 27 January 1859 – 4 June 1941) was the last German Emperor (Kaiser) and King of Prussia, ruling the German Empire and the Kingdom of Prussia from 15 June 1888 to 9 November 1918.

He was the eldest grandchild of the British Queen Victoria and related to many monarchs and princes of Europe.

He fell off time after time but despite his tears was set on its back again.

After weeks of this he finally got it right and was able to maintain his balance.

He became a member of the exclusive Corps Borussia Bonn.

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